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Hinged flood gate



The SAK model HFG-300 Hinged Flood Gate is the top choice for structures where fast deployment is required.  The design of this hinged system allows you to close the gate at the first sign of potential flooding, keeping flash flood waters out.

The HFG-300 is made with structural aluminum and assembled with some of the latest technologies in aluminum manufacturing.  Through extensive research along with the technologies implemented in the design of this system, the HGF-300 is also one of the lightest and strongest hinged Flood Gates available.

Sealing the HFG-300 Hinged Flood Gate to its frame assembly is done by mechanical compression seals eliminating the need for power or air pumps that are needed on other systems that rely on inflatable seals.

The SAK HFG–300 Floating Hinge design is one of the key functions of this system that allows the use of compression seals along with keeping a smooth ADA compliant threshold.

The standard Aluminum construction of the HFG-300 along with the standard EPDM seals is a good fit for most flood mitigation applications.  This system can also be made of optional steel if required.  If there is the need to add an extra layer of protection from potentially corrosive liquids, this system can be constructed of optional Stainless Steel along with optional corrosive resistant Seals.

The SAK HFG-300 Optional removable Center Mullions are available for wider openings where there is not enough room for a single leaf to swing and a two leaf design is required.

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