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individually dogged watertight door



The SAK IDWD-600 is a heavy-duty Individually Dogged Watertight Door ideal for openings that need to be sealed for long periods of time or are infrequent use doors.  These doors can also be installed outside of a standard door and closed prior to a potential flood event.  The heavy-duty design is a top choice for projects with a high water head pressure requirement.

Sealing the IDWD-600 Watertight Door to its frame assembly is done by mechanical compression seals eliminating the need for power or air pumps used on other systems that have inflatable seals.  Once deployed the individual dogged handles are turned providing optimum compression to the seal.

The standard steel painted door can be also be ordered in optional 304 or 316 Stainless Steel mill finish.  There are also optional seals designed for more corrosive environments. Optional removable sill is also available for projects that require a smooth threshold during operation when the door is in the open position.

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