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pedestrian flood door



The SAK PFD-800 Pedestrian Flood Door is designed for a flood mitigation project that requires no human interaction.  This door is ideal for frequent access and projects that can experience flash flooding at any time.

Sealing the PFD-800 Pedestrian Flood Door to its frame assembly is done by mechanical compression seals eliminating the need for power or air pumps that are often needed on other systems that rely on inflatable seals.

The standard construction of the PFD-800 Pedestrian Flood Door is Steel with a paint finish.  Optional 304 or 316 Stainless Steel design with a mill finish is available.  Other options are also available such as view ports, double leaf design, and specialty finishes.

The SAK PFD-800 has a low sill that meets most local egress codes.  Contact us to discuss your project and code requirements, so that we can help you select the best fit for your project.  See SAK model EFD-900 if a similar design is required for openings such as Equipment/Mechanical Rooms, or SAK model IDWD-600, or SAK model QAWD-700 for greater water head pressure projects, or for extremely aggressive leak rates.

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