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Stackable flood barrier



The SAK model STE-100 Stackable Flood Barrier is a light weight economical design that can be integrated to protect openings on new construction projects or simply retrofitted to an existing structure.  The STE-100 flexible design allows this system to be deployed in small openings like doorways, wide openings such as large store fronts and parking garage entries.  The STE-100 can even be used on extremely wide openings or spans to be used as a removable flood wall.  This system will be designed custom to your project needs.

The STE-100 Stackable Flood Barriers horizontal stackable extrusions are a unique boxed design with an exclusive internal feature.  This design not only keeps each stackable extrusion light, it provides the system with the structural strength to span wide openings minimizing the amount of connection mullions required, or eliminating the need for mullions all together.

Each STE-100 wall frame, face mount or jamb mount, can be installed permanently with covers provided for aesthetics and protecting the seals and components, or the frames can be removable if required.

For extremely wide openings the SAK STE-100 custom Removable Connector Center Mullions give you the ability to span any size opening.  Removable Corner Connector Mullions are also available for projects that require one or many 90 degree turns along the system span.

Sealing the STE-100 Stackable Flood Barrier to its frame assembly is done by mechanical compression seals.  For redundancy the SAK STE-100 Stackable Flood Barrier has been designed to use two seals on each horizontal Stackable Extrusion and each vertical wall frame resulting in superior sealing.

Every STE-100 Stackable Flood Barrier is shipped with all installation hardware and sealants required for installation.

Flood Mitigation

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